No. 152 Squadron RAF

No 152 Squadron was formed on 1 October 1918 at Rochford as a Camel night fighter unit and in mid-October moved to France to defend Allied Bases against enemy night bombers. The war ended three weeks later and 30 June 1919, the squadron disbanded.
Pilots who flew P8088 whilst she was attached to 152 Sqn

  • G.J. Cox
  • I.H. Hamilton
  • F.H. Howard
  • R.W. Miller
  • G. Balcombe
  • C.E. Hegtveit
  • E.O. Grimsdick
  • J.D. Mair

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Signatures of Pilots who served with 152 Sqn
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In WW2 No. 152 Squadron destroyed approximately 110, German, Italian and japanese planes in the AIr damaging many more. This figure includes the rounded down total of 59 in the "Battle" of Britain and 12 in one air battle in Sicily. Additionally the squadron carried out numerous "Spit-Bomber" sorties in North Africa, Sicily and Burma in which numbers of enemy aircraft, road vehicles, river and other watercraft were destroyed or damaged. In the process 152 became one of the only two or three RAF squadrons to account for aircraft of all the three major axis powers

…….and Includes the signature of GJ Cox, one of the Pilots who flew P8088
On 1 October 1939, No 152 reformed at Arklington with Gladiators and became operational on 6 November. In January 1940, conversion to Spitfires began and after a period of defensive patrols in the north-east, the squadron moved to Warmwell to help defend southern England against attacks from the Luftwaffe forces now based in northern France. Throughout the Battle of Britain, No 152 defended this sector which included Portland naval base.

During 1942 the Squadron sailed for North Africa as part of the invasion fleet for Operation 'Torch' while the squadron's Spitfires were taken to Gibraltar. On 14 November, the latter took off for Algeria to cover the Allied landings and subsequently defend newly-acquired bases from attacks by enemy aircraft. In June 1943, the Squadron moved to Malta for sweeps over Sicily and to cover the Allied landings there in July. Soon afterwards it moved to captured strips in Sicily and in September arrived in Italy.

The squadron moved to Burma on 19 December 1943. During the Battle of Imphal, No.152 operated from front-line strips supporting the 14th Army during its final conquest of Burma. In September 1945, the squadron moved to Singapore after the Japenese surrender and was disbanded on 10 March 1946.

On 8 May 1946, No.136 Squadron was renumbered 152 while in transit to Bombay, and began flying Spitfires in June pending the arrival of its Tempests. By Early August it had recieved these but spares problems lead to it being disbanded on 15 January 1947.

On 1 June 1954, No.152 reformed at Wattisham with Meteor night fighters as part of the air defense of the UK. It disbanded on 31 July 1958. On 1 October 1958, No.152 reformed once more, this time as a transport squadron in the Persian Gulf area with Pembrokes and Twin Pioneers based at Bahrain. It was disbanded on 15 November 1967.
Serial Numbers For Spitfire Mk 1 & Mk 11A, used by 152 Hyderabad F.Sqn, from the Squadron Records Air 27/1025.

X6763, R6964, R6643, R6907, R6607, P9391, X4171, X4550, N3039, X4381, K9840, X4247, P3986, X9840, P9543, R6763, X4025, L1047, P9386, R6968, L1048, K9882, P9509, X4381, R6609, R6801, P9427, X4351, N3176, P9513, P9531,P9340, X4682, X4023, R6600, R6597, R6608, X4771, X4772, R6602, X4904, R6620, X4020, P7988, P7904, P7906, P7686, P7844, P7905, P7903, P7907, P7903, P7893, P7810, P7999, P7897, P9907, P7910, P8076, P8083, P7548, P7882, P7996, P8078, P8240, P8278, P8209, P8278, P8078, P8240, P8278, P8209, P8278, P8032, P7997, P8029, P7810, P7902, P8077, P7927, P8378, P7671, P8657, P7882, P8270, P8668, P7843, P7901, P8443, P8512, P8448, P7739, P7739, P8088, P8695, P7304, P8209, P7881, P8444, P8446, P8388, P7557, P8934, P8237, P7680, P8253, P7925, P7440, P8510, P8433, P7901, P7663, P8394, P7748, P7885, P8077, P8266, P8260, P8037, P8433, P8388, P8251, P8026.


1 January, 1918 - 7 September, 1918
20 February, 1941 - 10 March, 1946
10 May, 1951 - 22 August, 1957
1 September, 1959 - 31 August, 1962


"Faithful ally"

Squadron Codes used:

Allocated Apr 1939 - Sep 1939
Feb 1941 - Mar 1946
Apr 1951 - Mar 1955