Supermarine Spitfire

P8088 ‘Borough of Lambeth’

P8088 was donated in Jan 1941 by Borough of Lambeth Spitfire Fund.

The name Borough of Lambeth was given after the group who had raised funds in ‘The Walks own Spitfire fund’. There was talk that it would be called the Lambeth Walk after a popular song of the same name but authority won with the more austere name ‘Borough of Lambeth’.
Basic Facts:
Supermarine Spitfire Mk IIA.
Serial number P8088.
War time ‘call sign’ NK-K,
Spitfire fund name,‘Borough of Lambeth’.
Personal pilot naming; ‘Bette’.
UK civil CAA registered call sign G-CGRM.
Castle Bromwich Aeroplane Factory number 523.

This particular Spitfire was manufactured at the Castle Bromwich Aeroplane Factory in February 1941and dispatched for service, being taken on charge with 39 MU on 1st March 1941 with serial P8088.

This Spitfire is pictured on page 106 of Morgan & Shacklady’s ‘Spitfire The History’ where the picture shows P8088 as it was on charge with No 118 squadron, Ibsley, Hants in May 1941.

also listed on page 113 giving the following information on its history;
P8088 IIA cbaf model MXII, 39MU 1-3-41 66S 21-3-41.118S ‘NK-K’ 9-4-41,152S 9-7-41, 19S 23-8-41, 610TU 21-9-42, FAAC 19-5-43, recat B,CGS 1-8-43, Miles Aircraft 22-2-44, 610TU 1-7-44, dived into ground Prees Salop CE 23-9-44.

P8088 is also featured on both Airfix and Revell Spitfire Model Kits
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P8088 as pictured with Squadron 118 in May 1941.
By this time it had acquired both the nose art of Captain A.R.P.Reilly-Ffoull and the ‘Official’ name of Borough of Lambeth. Unofficially the aircraft was given the name ‘Bette’ by its then pilot Alec Lumsden.

P8088 was TOC at No 39 MU Colerne on 1st March 1941 and delivered for active service on 21 March 1941 to 66 Squadron Exeter. On 9 April1941 P8088 was stationed at 118 Squadron Warmwell, where it was coded NK-K.

While stationed at Warmwell it was flown by the well know wartime pilot and laterly civilian author Alec S.C. Lumsden. It was P/O Alec S.C.Lumsden who attributted both the nose art of Captain A.R.P Reilly-Ffoull, a character from a wartime cartoon strip, and also the personal name Bette to P8088.