Pilot Officer Alec S.C. Lumsden (Service Nr. 61257)

Alec S C LUMSDEN was born in 1921 and educated at Malvern College. He enlisted in the RAF Volunteer Reserve on the outbreak of World War 2 as a pilot under training, gaining his commission in February 1941. His wartime flying was both colourful and diverse, to say the least, covering a multitude of types ranging from the Spitfire V through to the Lysander III.

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P/O Alec Lumsden-May 1941
Spending varying amounts of time with five frontline squadrons over a 12-month period in 1941/42, he flew combat missions from bases in England, North Africa and Malta; he also participated in two Atlantic convoys as the pilot of a Sea Hurricane I attached to the Merchant Ship Fighter Unit. Slightly wounded during a bombing raid on Malta in July 1942, he spent the rest of the war flying with Maintenance and Operational Training Units. He was invalided out of the RAF in 1946.
An Aviator-P/O Alec Lumsden
Postwar, he held a variety of positions, all of which have been linked to aviation in one way or another. These included route manager for Silver City Airways, chief information officer at Hawker Siddeley International, technical and military editor at Interavia magazine, and press officer at BAC.

He formed Alec Lumsden Associates/Photophile Photography in 1974, and since then has worked as a freelance contributor.

An aviation historian of considerable note, he has written countless articles and several books on a variety of topics.