"Just Jake"

The nose art painted on P8088 is that of Captain A.R.P Reilly-Ffoull from the wartime cartoon in the Daily Mirror newspaper called "Just Jake"

The cartoons had colourful language with exclamations such as "Holy Polecats!", "Well, knock me down!", and the strips catch phrase "Stap Me!". The latter being a favorite ‘battle cry’ of the famous Battle of Britain pilot Squadron Leader Gerald Stapleton, from which his knick name ‘Stapme Stapleton’ came and also because it was his favourite comic strip.

In deference to Squadron Leader 'Stapme' Stapleton who was reviered by many war time pilots, many of the pilots painted the same nose art onto their own Spitfires.

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Captain A.R.P Reilly-Ffoull was from the wartime cartoon strip 'Just Jake'. Just Jake ran for 14 years in the Daily Mirror newspaper. Drawn by Bernard Graddon, it was published daily beginning 4 June 1938 and concluding early in 1952 after Graddon's death.

Just Jake depicted events at the village of Much Cackling in the county of Gertshire.

The prime character, Captain A.R.P. Reilly-Ffoull, squire of Arntwee Hall, was a parody of early movie villains. He was aided by characters such as school girl ‘Missy’, old crone ‘Maida Grannit’,
‘Wal Nutt’ the estate manager, ‘Hazel Nut’, Wal’s grandaughter, Titus Tallow the family lawyer, and ‘Jane’ a young lady who was forever losing items of her clothing.

Strangley, Jake, the original hero of the title, seldom appeared after the first year.